8 unbelievable tricks real estate agents play when you visit the project

I recently inquired about one of the plot schemes near Pune and finally visited their project. They sent a car to pick me up. When I reached the site, the staff there sounded very professional compared to some other experiences I have had in past. While I had a good experience interacting with the sales […]


When can you call yourself RICH in India? [SURVEY of 381 people]

Are you RICH or not? Do you have enough income or networth, so that others will consider you RICH in India? This is all this post is about. I was day dreaming about get RICH few days back (I do it every week) and visualising how much should I earn so that I can call […]


Memories of Bangalore Investor workshop conducted in August

We love Bangalore as a city to do our workshop. We knew that its going to be a full house and we were correct. It was indeed a house full and we had an amazing day with 50 enthusiastic investors (many couples, friends in group, single ladies in the group). We even had few participants […]


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