8 essential checklist for buying property by a real life architect

Today, a real-life architect is going to share with you some of the most essential things investors should check before buying property in India. Do you want to know what are the topmost things to look into the property before you take that big decision of booking the property? Do you want to know what […]


Update your Aadhaar card details online in 5 min and download a new one [VIDEO inside]

Do you want to know how to update aadhaar card details online? Yes – It’s possible. You can easily update your details online without any offline documentation and then download your new aadhaar card online and start using it. Recently, I wanted to change my address details in my aadhaar card and I completed the […]


Why most investors struggle to save money every month & how to fix it?

Recently, I came across one interesting short story on quora, which I found interesting and worth sharing with all the readers. This story will help you understand why you are not able to save enough money by the end of the month. You will get to know why your hard-earned money is spent into useless […]


Update your FATCA declaration online in 2 min, if you are an existing mutual fund investor

Are you an existing mutual fund investor? If YES, then you must have got an email from the fund houses where you have invested to provide some additional information about yourself and about your tax residency related questions in the name of FATCA declaration. In this article I will quickly guide you about what is […]


Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Launched – Here are 6 important Facts

Today I want to share some quick facts regarding Sovereign Gold Bonds which was announced in budget session and recently mentioned by our Prime minister. RBI is going to issue something called Sovereign Gold Bonds for investors who want to benefit from the movement from Gold prices. It’s an alternative way to invest in gold apart […]


Financial Life of a cab driver & life of Mumbai

I recently visited Mumbai for some work and it was 7:15 pm in the evening. When I came out of a building in Andheri East, Mumbai. I had booked a cab from Pune to Mumbai and I was now ready to be back. I called up the cab driver and here is the conversation… ME […]


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