Buy my first book in HINDI

I had written my first book “16 Personal Finance Principles Every Investor Should Know“ a few years back and it got very popular among investors. It has close to 130 reviews on Flipkart + Amazon. Now the same book is translated in Hindi Language and is available for sale. In Hindi it’s called – Ache […]


6.5 million Debit Cards compromised in India – Was your card one of them?

Around 6.5 million Indian Debit Cards have been compromised recently which is one of the biggest security breaches our country has seen to date. Around 641 customers of 19 different banks have reported frauds worth Rs 1.3 crores in total as of now and after that, all banks started investigating the matter. Some of the […]


Here is what 11000+ investors told us about their top financial goal?

A few months back, I read an article that talked about the biggest financial goals of Indians. As per their survey, the biggest financial goal for 34% of the respondents was “Securing Child Future”. The only issue was that their survey size was just 150. “Retirement” was the biggest goal for only 2% of the […]


70% investors are “Asset Poor” – What about you?

70% of people feel that they are “Asset Poor” as per my recent survey. Are you one of them? No matter how much you earn or how much wealth you have created until now, you will fall into one of the following 4 categories. Asset Rich, Income Rich Asset Rich, Income Poor Asset Poor, Income […]


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