Duplicate UAN? Here is step by step process to solve it!

Today we will talk about the issue of duplicate UAN, which has confused a lot of employees. A lot of people have contacted us that 2 UAN were generated for them by their past employer and current employer and now they have no idea what is to be done in this case. You can see […]


Should you invest in ESPP plan? Here are 2 critical points everyone should know

Today we will talk about various aspects of ESPP Plan? We will also see if it really makes sense to invest in your employers ESPP plan or not, and what are the pros and cons of that. For those who have no idea about ESPP, its full form is Employee Stock Purchase Plans and It’s […]


Rs 500/1000 notes banned – Here are 5 critical facts to know

Last night, it was a historic moment when our Prime Minister informed the whole nation that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes will not be eligible currency notes from midnight at the end of 8th Nov, 2016. Here is the RBI notification PM Modi had also explained all the points very well in his speech […]


Inactive EPF accounts to get interest from now onwards at 8.8%

Good news, the inactive EPF accounts will now start getting interest. Also the interest will be paid since Mar month of this year. This will start once the govt issues the notification regarding this. Since 2011, the EPF accounts which were not active for 3 yrs before inoperative EPF accounts and they stopped getting the […]


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