99% mutual fund investors do not understand these 3 critical points for long term success

Are you investing in equity mutual funds or planning to invest? GREAT! While you might have done your research and reading about investing in a mutual fund, but I am sure you still do not have 100% clear idea about what does it mean to invest in a mutual fund. In this article, my attempt […]


Buying your first car? Here is the data of 451 buyers for you to decide!

No, I am not sharing my personal opinion here in this article. I am actually telling you about 451 people who have shared their personal data with us in a survey we conducted some time back and we are presenting you the data in this article. That data will help you know how others think […]


Basics of Income Tax explained for Beginners [VIDEO Inside]

This is a guest post by one of our readers and our financial planning client Mr. Rahul Udare from Mumbai. He is CA by profession, and he has created a 45 min excellent video for beginners on the topic of Income Tax. This video below will help anyone understand various things related to income tax […]


Customers can refuse to pay “Service Charge” at Restaurants – Govt

Govt has clarified that the “service charge” is optional and customers can refuse to pay that if they feel like. For some years, most of the restaurants and hotels have started charging “Service Charge” along with the other taxes in their bills and us customers due to lack of understanding feel obligated to pay it. […]


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