10 minutes video guide to check your FREE Credit Report & Score

Do you know that every person is entitled to 1 free credit report and score each year from each of the credit bureaus in India? There is 4 credit bureau in India which are CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and Highmark. As per RBI guidelines, now each of them have to provide one free report each year. […]


11 investing Bias which impacts investors – An audio Podcast !

Do you take all your decisions based on facts or emotions? Be it personal or financial life, it’s a well-known fact that 95% of our decision are based on emotions. Today we are going to look at various kinds of behavioral biases in the area of money and in general. For this, I got in […]


6 simple reasons why you should get serious about Savings starting today?

Think for a moment that you have 3 yrs worth of your salary in your bank account. How does it feel? So if you earn Rs 10 lacs a year, you have Rs 30 lacs lying in your savings (other than real estate). If you earn 20 lacs per annum, its 60 lacs! But in […]


I don’t own a flat like Techie guys – So What ?

This is a guest post which is already published on Ravi Karandeekar’s blog, which is an excellent blog when it comes to real estate (more related to Pune). Ravi discusses various projects and his experience meeting with Builders and various stories of real estate frauds etc. A few days back, I read a real-life story […]


FREE Financial Health Checkup

Take up a detailed 25 questions financial health checkup to find out how much you score out of 100?