7 sites where you can easily learn stock trading without risking your money

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Do you want to learn stock trading, but don’t want to lose money in the process? In this article, I’m going to tell you about 7 best virtual trading websites or apps which will help you to learn stock trading without risking your money.

virtual trading

A lot of investors are excited to know about stock markets and how they can make a lot of money. They open a Demat account and start trading based on tips from various third party websites, or using their own judgment. But in the process, they lose a lot of money because of various mistakes.

However now, it’s easy to first practice stock trading. Have you heard about virtual stock practicing apps or websites? Have you ever tried using them?

How Virtual stock trading works?

Let me explain virtual stock in market India for those who are new to this

  1. You open an account on the virtual trading platform or app
  2. Then login to the account and load some virtual money in the account like 1 lacs or 10 lacs to start with
  3. You can then start buying and selling various stocks as you do in real life
  4. Like this, you can make various trades and see your profits and loss over time
  5. Over the next few weeks, you will learn how stock market trading works and you can also see how you have performed
  6. Once you are confident about your abilities, then you can open a real trading account and start stock trading with your real money

Now let’s look at some of the websites which you can use to practice stock trading.

1) Moneybhai

Moneybhai, a virtual stock trading game is a product of money control virtual trading which is popular in India. In this game you will get Rs.1 crore virtual money on your portfolio account and also the limit of Rs.1 crore intraday trading limit, which means that you can only buy and sell worth Rs 1 crore in a day.

You will have the option to invest in stocks, mutual funds, FD, bonds, etc. So here you have lots of options for investing with the imaginary brokerage charge of 0.50% in the virtual trade market. This is a great feature because here you are also paying virtual brokerage charge which you have to pay in real life when you trade with your real money, so that is taken care in this website.

Who should use this one: If you want a lot of options to invest like FD, bonds, mutual funds, stock, etc. then this game is good for you.


You can start trading at any moment once you are logged in. If you feel that you have made any mistake in investing or you went wrong at any point then you can reset your portfolio back to the original corpus of Rs.1 crore and start again. I personally feel that one should not use that option of reset because then you don’t know how you are performing exactly.

2) TrakInvest

TrackInvest as the name suggests itself is an investment guide. It is build up by considering the beginner’s point of view. If you have heard of the stock market but don’t have enough basic knowledge then this website will guide you in your virtual investment.

Who should use this one : If you are an absolute beginner who has no understanding of how the stock market works and you also need tutorials to educate yourself, then you can try this.


The simple interface and helpful content will ease you into the world of trading. It is more easy than it actually looks. It enables learners by giving a better understanding of the market. You can build your portfolio with zero risks and improve your market skills.

It gives the investors access to the real stock market from multiple global exchanges to trade-in. It also builds up your portfolio like an expert and tests your investment strategies and leverage analytics.

3) Dalal street

Dalal street is an investment journal that offers you Rs.1,000,000 as virtual money at the initial stage and provides an experience of real time stock trading with a virtual portfolio.

Who should use this one: One who wants to learn stock trading by using investment journals can get the advantage of this website.

Dalal street

Here you can also discuss your strategies with like-minded participants in a group. This will help you to improve your skills and strategies by other people’s experiences.

4) Wall street survivor

Here you can get the actual experience of stock trading with the virtual money because of the updated data. Wall street survivor doesn’t believe in the concept of teaching through content only. As per their opinion investment is more like fun, challenging and potentially lucrative activity rather than education.

Who should use this one: If you want practical knowledge through tutorials and improve your skills and decision making which will found new strategies then try this site.

Wall street survivor

This website also offers some courses to educate you about stock trading and tests your knowledge about investment and personal finance. They have lots of articles and videos which will keep you engage in various activities by aiming to improve your skills.

5) Investfly

Using investfly is not as hard as making money through your investment. Investfly make it easy for you to make money first virtually and then in the real stock market.

Who should use this one: If you want to trade with advance information and more trading options then you can try this site.


This website provides you a brief summary of how to start investing. This will be of great help for the beginner investor who had never invested in the real stock market. If you are interested in learning about stocks more then this will be a great platform for you.

6) ChartMantra

ChartMantra is a free online virtual stock market trading game cum analytical platform. It is a virtual game for trading. You can learn the basics of the technical analysis in stock trading and apply it to an actual stock exchange to analyze your portfolio.

Who should use this one : This platform is for those who want to learn stock trading and also its analysis.


Here you will get Rs.1 lac virtual money and the objective of this game is to make as much money as you can from it and go the top of the rank. This game will analyze your buying and selling and give you an analysis of it so that you can track your record and apply the analysis on your real trading account.

The trading will cost 0.1% brokerage which will make the trading more realistic.

7) Moneypot

Moneypot is a game of virtual trading in India which provides the platform of virtual stalk trading to students, corporate as well as investors. It aims to connect an online investment community through a social trading platform.

Signing in here just like other virtual trading sites. Once you open the website you can see the sign-up button and play game button. you can click on sign up if you are new to this site and then can play the game.

Who should use this one : This is the best virtual trading site for beginner investors or stock market learners.


Advantages of Virtual trading

The advantages of virtual stock trading are as bellow:

  • For beginners it is good way of practicing because it allows the direct buying and selling the virtual stock.
  • You don’t need to invest real money.
  • As there is no real money you can take higher risk.
  • You get basic understanding and knowledge about the functioning of stock market.
  • You can learn through actual practice rather than only reading.
  • Mistakes don’t cause any loss here.

Disadvantages of Virtual trading

The disadvantages of virtual stock trading are as bellow:

  • As we said you don’t invest actual money, there is a possibility that you may not get emotionally attached with it because you are not losing anything in any case, which does not happen in real life.
  • If you don’t get emotionally attached to it you will get bored after some time and stop playing.
  • Sometime there is a possibility of getting bored because they are not getting any return in actual.
  • If you make profits in virtual trading, people tend to get very over confident about their abilities to make money

Now as you get a lot of options for virtual trade practicing you can start to learn to trade and get the real experience  of stock exchange. Leave your queries in the comment section and let us know your views regarding this article.

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