Why that IDIOT is RICH and I am not ?

POSTED BY Nandish Desai ON May 6, 2020 COMMENTS (7)

I got a call from one of my friends. He was feeling down in life and wanted some help on how to deal with the current negative scenario, he asked me some questions and requested for some coaching, he started with questions like

  • How can I make more money?
  • How can I have a blog like yours?
  • How can I build a successful business?
  • How can I increase the flow of money?
  • How can I increase my income and get more clients?
  • How can I have things which others already have?

In his words I could see, he was comparing himself with others and so I asked him to prepare his IDIOT LIST. I told him that even I was the same a few years back and how I connected with my flow of money.

Rich vs Poor Jealousy

I asked him to sit with a blank sheet of paper with a question written on the top – “Why that idiot is rich and I am not?”

He started writing about people who had more money, more resources, more clients, more cars, bigger bank balance, and more stuff than he was having (even my name and Manish’s name was in his list).

After he was done, I asked him to empty his mind. I asked him who he would be without his idiot list? (He minus his idiot list)

He said, he will have freedom.

An Empty mind will lead to wealth creation

I asked him to GIFT that very same freedom to himself, because only an empty mind, a free mind can lead to wealth creation, only an empty mind can get him peace with himself.

You can’t create things if you are having a war in your mind. I told him, first your mind has to get free if you want your mind to serve you. The process is simple, write your thoughts on paper, and question your thoughts till you experience freedom.

More money, more business, more income, and more clients were not his real business, his thinking was his real business and I asked him to focus only on his true business – “his thinking”.

I kept asking him to work on his thinking, to hold a clear mind, once the mind is clear all the good things will happen on its own. I asked him to get rid of his idiot list. We see the world, compare ourselves with others and that is where the problem starts if there was nothing to compare there would be no rich or no poor person on this planet.

Every single person who you meet on the street wants to make money, in fact, a lot of money. I think it is your right to be RICH but then why do people struggle in the area of money.

“Making money” is a myth

Consider that in reality there is no “making money” in life because the money is already out there. All the Money is out there and now you simply need to fill in your little bucket between the age of 25 to 52. (The range can be different for you)

Let me share some elements we covered in our coaching conversation, maybe the elements can help you to fill in your MONEY buckets.
Consider that money has a flow to it. It has a rhythm to it and no matter how hard you try to hold on, it will find its way and continue to flow.

If you are experiencing any kind of struggle in the area of money it means you have disturbed the flow of money in some way.

People think our job is to spread financial awareness, write articles, make financial plans, and coaching people. No, our core job is to help people to connect with their flow of money.

Here is something you can do to connect with your flow of money

1. Stop trying to have money and just be like Money

Really stop trying to make money and start to be like money. The money will flow from you to me and from me to you, it passes through the phone, it passes through the plastic cards, it passes through wires and it crosses countries, moves from one company to another. It sees no limitation it simply flows.

Everything around you right now someone has seen the opportunity and filled his or her bucket with the money earned. The more you get in touch with the flow of money the faster you move towards wealth.

When you are like money you will find that Opportunity is always knocking and you just need to open the door. The computer on which you are reading this article someone saw the flow of money in it, the software, the internet provider, the chair you are sitting on, the phone that you own, the food that you had today.

There are so many businesses to be started, so many services to be offered. If you can see money in everything you will see opportunity in everything. Wow, this is what happens when you start to be like money. You will feel the flow right now at this moment. Take some time and make some notes if some new thoughts came to you. The flow is touching base with you and I request you to respect it.

On hearing the above words my friend said, ” Oh my god, there are so many opportunities, so many things he can do to create wealth and he needs to get rid of his idiot list. I just need to be like money, I don’t need to have money”

2. Love, Serve and Create

You have already learned from Manish about term plans, investment ideas, how to save tax, etc. He is not good but great at what he does. One more thing you can learn from Manish apart from personal finance is these three words Love, serve, and create.

He has dedicated his life to creating Jago effect in people’s life be it personal finance or any other area. He simply loves to serve that’s all.

Earlier we use to work for 7 days a week and we use to hate holidays and Sundays as they take us away from our love, our work. Manish has replied to hundreds of people whom he does not even know and he will never ever meet most of them in his lifetime.

This is being of service to people from morning to night. Being of service should be your 24×7 job. It should be your full-time job or I would say the only job you have.

If who you are is good enough, give yourself to the world; give your talent to the world. Here is how the two world’s are different.

Operating from the Space of comparison/Jealousy Operating from the Space of love, service, and create
Focus is on what others are having Focus is on having a clear mind
Focus on needs Focus on putting the right seeds
Lack of freedom Freedom to live and work
The mind is loaded with a thousand thoughts The bandwidth of mind is free to think
lack of creative ideas free flow of creative ideas
stressful life stress-free life

If your product is good, give someone an experience of it.

  • Look at who can you help today?
  • Who can you serve today?
  • Who needs your help?
  • Who is waiting for your service or product?

Don’t be tight-fisted, just keep giving because of the flow of money fastens when you give.

This is when you start creating wealth and building wealth in life.

3. Break the Attachment

Your strong attachment to money actually keeps you away from it. You should not hold on to money, you must keep it in the flow, use it wisely, spend it freely, give and share it lovingly.

Continue to invest in yourself. It can be a book a program or some new skill-building. The day you stop investing in yourself you start blocking your flow of money.

Is it the amount or the feeling of giving the amount that holds you back?

This is one of the biggest mistakes you make as an investor as you are stopping the flow of money in your life when you are in grip of attachment. Invest in anything and everything that helps you grow in life.

Like my friend, 10 years back even I use to think “Why that idiot is RICH and I am not?”

Break your attachment with money

I was so wrong I was just not focusing on my life’s flow of money. Some realizations in life and my coaches connected me to my own flow of money. And I helped my friend to connect with his flow of money and I am sure the article will help you to connect with your own flow of money.

Do share your views on what actions you are going to take to connect fully with your flow of money. What learning’s have you taken from this coaching conversation? Do feel free to write and express yourself fully in the comments section.

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7 replies on this article “Why that IDIOT is RICH and I am not ?”

  1. Vijayanand M says:

    Well said Nandish..Very enlightening article. Thanks for your article

  2. Sourabh says:

    Very informative and I must say yet short, crisp and clear. Thanks for sharing the amazing knowledge.

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Welcome Sourabh

  3. Milind Kohmaria says:

    This is a gem Nandish bhai! Simply loved it.

    PS: I was searching for the author’s name to the article. DIdn’t find it. You might want to update 🙂

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Thanks Milind 🙂

      Author name comes at the start of the article.

    2. Mel says:

      Very good article. May God bless you.
      Few people in India share wisdom of making money to the have nots but your one of those good souls who want to help others.

      1. Jagoinvestor says:

        Thanks 🙂 .. please share with more people

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