Hi , I am Manish Chauhan, author of this blog. Manish Chauhan , Author of Jagoinvestor.comJagoinvestor is a movement, a vision aims to demystify the world of Financial confusions and a journey started in the year 2008 and today flourishing nationwide  with more than thousands dedicated readers.

Financial Planning is one of the most important aspect of one’s life . Most of us do not acknowledge this and don’t want to work upon it. This part of your life is the one which is invisible to you , but everything is connected to it . If your Financial life is messy , Other parts will Stink , believe me and it would be very late by the time you can fix it . See Why you need a Financial Planner .  Why are we not giving Importance to this “extremely Important” Part of our lives , our Nation . I know Money is not important in Life , and it wont help you get want you want in life, but having good amount of money and good financial life can leave you with enough time and peace of mind , so that you can look after what you want in life . Having your Finances in place is Critical .

What I believe in ?

“Your growth always lies on the other side of your discomfort. Whether it’s in the weight room or in career decisions, you’ll never develop yourself by staying in your comfort zone. People don’t become old when they reach a certain birthday; they become old when they decide to live life without crossing that line of discomfort.”

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