Financial Calculators

Here are different financial calculators for investors which can help them find out answers for various personal finance queries


Step Up SIP Calculator

If you increase your investments every years (which is quite natural), this calculator will tell you how much wealth can you gather by investing regularly for N number of years.

Life Insurance Calculator

Find out your life insurance requirement. Secure your family future income, debt payments and future financial goals with this advanced calculator


How Long your Money will Last Calculator

Find out how long a sum of money will last given monthly expenses and a fixed rate of return and inflation. Do this calculation for your parents retirement corpus

Children Education Calculator

Find out what will be monthly SIP required to achieve your children higher education corpus. Children related expenses are the biggest expenses for any parents today.


Retirement Calculator

Use this retirement calculator to find our your retirement corpus and how much you need to invest per month to reach your retirement corpus target.


Financial Freedom Caculator

Calculate after how many years will you get financially free. That will be the day, after which you will not have to work for money your entire life.


Future Value Calculator

Find out how much will be future value of one time / Lumpsum investment will become at a certain return in some years


Cost of Delay Calculator

Find out how much wealth you loose, if you get late in starting your investments by certain number of years?


Income Tax Calculator

Calculator your Income tax amount along with taxable income as per OLD and NEW tax regime after budget 2020.


Capital Gains Calculator

Find out how much will be your capital gains tax, along with capital gains or loss amount for real estate, debt mutual funds, bonds and gold transactions


HRA Calculator

Find out how much HRA will you be able to exempt out of your total income and how much income tax you will be able to save.


Gratuity Calculator

Gratuity is paid for loyalty of an employee. If you are leaving your job after a very long period of time, find out your gratuity amount.


Portfolio Return Calculator

Find out how much is the potential of your overall portfolio return. This calculator will find check your overall portfolio and share about the returns it can generate


EMI Calculator

Find out how much will be your EMI per month. Also get Interest and Principal amount breakup for each month with a detailed amortization table


Present Value Calculator

Find out what is the worth of some future amount in today's value. A lot of times, we have to pay someone in future, instead of which we can give them current value itself.

Financial Goals Calculator

Find out the investments required to plan for any future financial goal target value. This is one of best comprehensive calculators which exists. 


Emergency Fund Calculator

Find out how much money you should keep aside to take care of emergency situations like job loss, medical emergency etc. This short term planning is critical for long term success.


CAGR Calculator

Find out the return which you have generated on your investments over the years on your ONE TIME Investments. 


SIP Calculator

Find out the future value of the monthly investments (SIP) done for a fixed period of years at a certain rate of return.


Reverse SIP Calculator

This Calculator will tell you how much monthly investment you will have to do in order to achieve a certain target value in future. 

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