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What is Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom means to be financially free. This can happen when your Passive Income (Income from your investments, rental income, etc) is more than your desired lifestyle.To win the money game, the goal is to earn enough passive income to pay for your desired lifestyle.

One should always desire to plan their finances with a context to achieve financial freedom in their lives. Having a Money Management System is equally important . Always remember, "The real secret of successful wealth management is that your financial future is truly in your hands".

How you can become financially free?

You can become financially free if you follow these points -

"UNDERSTAND" where you are at - This means that one should be aware that at the present moment where they stand financially. It will be very difficult to become financially free if you cannot understand where you stand financially.

Write down your "GOALS" - Once you start writing down your goals you automatically start working towards fulfilling these goals because you have now defined your goal. You know what you want to achieve financially.

Track down your "SPENDING" - In order to achieve your goals, it is very important that you keep an eye on your spending habits. If you don't track your spending then it is very obvious that you will get swayed away and lose track or focus from achieving your financial goals.

Pay Off "DEBT" - To become financially free one day, you will also have to become debt-free. Even if you have a debt of the slightest amount you will not be called financially free. So, pay off your all debt as soon as possible.

"CREATE" additional source of Income - You cannot just become financially free with just one source of income because with this one source of income-you will also have to take care of another aspect of life. You cannot just ignore everything just to become financially free.

"INVEST" for Future - You cannot simply become financially free if your entire savings are just kept in your bank account. You will have to invest in some selected financial products which can help your money multiply at a great speed. Investing in the right place can help your money grow.