Documentation FAQ's

ACH stands for "Automated clearing house" which allows automatic debits facility from your bank account to mutual funds.

This is the standard practice where you give permission to debit your account up to a limit for the investments to happen.

The limit mentioned in the ACH form is the highest amount which can be triggered on any given day. It's a safe and secure method followed by Industry.

As clients send us the documents via courier, we make sure that also ask for extra copies of documents because sometimes the documents get rejected for several reasons like signature mismatch or something like that.

In that case, the extra copies really help to speed up the process and we can reuse them. Once the account is active, we destroy the extra documents. Anyways its not a blank form and cant be misused by anyone.

If you do not send us some extra copies as asked, you might have to do another round of couriers if needed.

Because its the KYC process.

In case of offline process, you sign the documents and put your photos in the form. The same thing is done online now.

Note that whatever signature you put in MFS account creation link is only use for NSE documentation and nothing else.

Once you complete that step - your account will be created within 24 hours. Then we will start your investments from the platform as and when you are ready.

If you are KYC Compliant, then you are ready to invest in mutual funds. But the data we are asking is for the transaction account in NSE platform we use. Its a one time process and is required for setting up the account.

As soon as you complete 1st transaction (SIP or lumpsum), your data will get reflected into Jagoinvestor portal and then we will send you the login and password.

NSE sends the login/password to all the people whose account is created on NSE by any advisor.

You can actually login and execute the transactions from NSE portal on your own, however its not recommended for the simple reason that its not very user friendly and you might make a mistake from your end. However if you really wish to do that, you can explore it

From our end, we will punch the transactions and you can always approve it!

Investments FAQ's

While mutual funds do not penalize their customers for SIP failure or insufficient balance, the banks levy a small penalty charge for SIP failure, which is almost always because of clients not maintaining sufficient balance.

The charges can range from Rs 200 to even Rs 600 incase of private banks.

OTM is One time Mandate.

With this facility you can make lumpsum payments for your mutual fund investments whenever you wish just by clicking on an approval link.

For example - If your OTM limit is Rs 10 lacs. And if you wish to invest Rs 5 lacs on any given day, then we can punch a transaction and choose OTM as an option for payment. In that case, you will get a link for approve, and once you click on that the payment will get approved. The account will be debited either instantly or within few hours.

This facility saves a lot of time and makes it very convenient to make payments.

No worry at all. That missed SIP will not get automatically now.

We just have to punch a manual transaction for that missed SIP and you can make the payment for that. This is how you can make up for the missed payment.

We will send you a payment link, and you just have to approve it!

A lot of times, SIP is not deducted because the SIP dates fall on a Saturday/Sunday or a public holiday. In which case the SIP will get triggered the next working day. Just keep the balance in our bank account.

You can withdraw your investment amounts in several ways

- You can ask us to punch a redemption transaction which you can approve
- You can redeem money from the app on your own
- You can also redeem the amount by the mutual funds app or their website.
- You can also redeem the amounts using CAMS/Karvy apps also.

It will be 24 hours in case of Liquid mutual funds and around 3-5 working days in case of debt or equity mutual funds.

You should check your investment details only at our portfolio at

The transactions are initiated from NSE platform, but do not check anything there.

Once the transaction is done, it will take anywhere from 2-4 days for the transactions to reflect on the platform as the data comes from mutual fund companies in some days.

If you make the payment before 2 pm, you will get the same-day NAV, Otherwise, you will get the next day NAV!

Platform & NSE Portal FAQ's

The portal is mainly to track the mutual funds which is invested through us, however it gives you have facility to add other other asset classes like real estate, bank fixed deposits, insurance etc . However the values needs to be updated manually later for these additional assets.

Yes you can.

So from our end, we just have to merge your family member under your login. After that you can see all assets of yours + family member with single login.

Note that every investment (SIP, Lumpsum, Switch) data comes as feeds only in 3 working days, after which it gets uploaded to portal automatically.

If you have recently done your transaction and trying to find it in portal, it will not reflect.

If its any old transaction which is not getting reflected on the portal, then please write us at with details and we will find it out!

Yes, you can do that

However, you may accidently create a new folio or make a mistake while making the transaction. So better let us know what you want to do and we will punch a transaction for you!

You can reset your password using the link :

Also you can write us at and we can do it from our end

Here is how it works.

On the SIP date, the transaction gets triggered and money settlement happens later. So the SIP will still show in the portal for some days in the assumption that the money is received. However when after a few days it will automatically get removed as it will find out that the transaction failed or canceled.