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About The Training

Jagoinvestor conducts workshop called,“Design your financial life” in some of the selected cities. Till now around 1400+ people have participated in our workshop and corporate programs. The whole idea behind conducting such workshop is to connect with some of our readers at a deeper level and to CREATE a learning experience for them around money management.

This training program helps an investor to look and think about his financial life at a deeper level. The program will teach various basic foundation level lessons to participants and also give them action oriented insights. The focus of the program is to make an impact on the mindset on how to live a good financial life and not just learn few things.

We have constantly observed that everybody wants to create wealth but a very few are willing to WORK on their financial life, this training is an opportunity for you to do the required work.


Date: 15th-16th August ( Saturday and Sunday) | Time: 10 am to 1 pm

15th August (Day 1)

Topics Covered:

  1. What is this program all about?
  2. How to get maximum value from this program?

Topics Covered:

  1. Why to Slow down as an Investor
  2. Designing vs Planning
  3. Defining your Version 1.0
  4. Give vs Get Investor

Topics Covered:

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Emergency Fund
  4. Short Term Goals
  5. Long Term Goals
  6. Playing to Win vs Playing to Not Lose
  7. 3G theory

Topics Covered:

  1. How long will you live in Retirement
  2. Retirement Wake up Call
  3. How much to Invest for Retirement?
  4. The Tail end of Wealth Creation
  5. 8 Retirement Planning Challenges

Topics Covered:

  1. Stock Markets and GDP - How are they related
  2. India's Future - Where are we headed
  3. Returns vs Real Returns
  4. Lenders vs Owners
  5. Getting Comfortable with Equity
  6. Why Mutual Funds for Wealth Creation?
  7. Wealth Creation Formula

16th August (Day 2)

Topics Covered:

  1. Group Activity - Saver vs Spender vs Avoider vs Saint
  2. Negatives vs Positives of Being your type
  3. How to keep a balance

Topics Covered:

  1. What is Estate Planning?
  2. Why people don't do Estate Planning?
  3. Nominations and Wills
  4. Who will get money is there is no WILL?

Topics Covered:

  1. Basic Ways of Saving Taxes
  2. How your parents can help you save taxes?
  3. Concept of Tax Laddering

Topics Covered:

  1. How to Avoid Misselling - Build your Wealth Space
  2. How System Works & Power of Small savings
  3. Financial Freedom - What's your number?

Topics Covered:

  1. Define your Version 2
  2. 10 Habits of a good investor
  3. Thanks and Best of Luck
This training is for beginners. People who want to learn the basics of personal finance and would like to start taking actions.
The training will be in very simple and basic language so that it is easy for you to understand.
If you are married we recommend you to attend this training with your spouse.
We will not cover any topics related to STOCK MARKET or general stock tips, Neither we deal with any advanced finance topics like technical analysis or fundamental analysis.
If you are expecting advanced topics and course material, you should not attend the workshop

Glimpes from our Past Workshop

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FREE Financial Health Checkup

As part of your workshop registration, you also get a FREE financial health checkup where you get a score out of 100 for your financial life. This will help you to understand where exactly you stand in your financial life on a range of 0 - 100


* Please note that you only get to know the SCORE. This is not some financial planning offer with exhaustive discussions on your financial life.

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1-2 hrs session

These are small and very focused sessions where we talk about long term wealth creation and basics of living a good financial life. We will talk about investments and insurance along with how to do their own financial planning.

3-4 hrs session

These are ideal duration workshops if you want to do detailed work on your employees in the area of personal finance. We will talk about financial planning, wealth creation, saving tax and various other important aspects of personal finance.

Full Day Workshop (around 8 hrs)

These are day long workshops which are designed to take someone's financial life to next level. We talk everything starting from basics of money to financial freedom. You can visit the schedule and topics by clicking here

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