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POSTED BY Anirban Ghosh ON June 7, 2013 4:53 pm COMMENTS (11)


I have a question about applying for Aadhaar Card.

Will it be possible for me to enroll at an Aadhaar Card enrollment camp in the city that I work, even though all my address proofs are of my native place, which is in a different city and state? I do not have any residential address proof in the city where I work & live now.

If anyone has any experience or information on this that would be helpful.


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  1. Hi, i am Pranali Sharma can anyone suggest me how aadhar card download by name and date of birth .

  2. kailash says:

    how can i change my dob and address in adhar card

  3. Bipin Gupta says:

    Yes you can have address proof of your native place Aadhaar will be delivered to your native place and native Address will be mentioned in your Aadhaar for more info visit http://www.aadharcard.info/

  4. Rajeev Chugh says:

    You can enrol for the card at other place. You need to submit the address proof of your city and the card will be sent to your permanent address. I had enrolled in a city other than my native.

  5. Dear Anirban, in case of Aadhaar card. some things are fixed. Your finger prints, your Eye IRIS, Your name (Identity). The address is one thing which isn floating. it may change every now & then depending upon where you are in India as per your job location. so no matter which address proof you are providing, ultimately, your UID is linked with your name, finger print & Eye IRIS.



  6. Anirban Ghosh says:

    Hi Ashish, Mehul, Vivek & Sundarrajan, thank you all for your replies.

    Vivek, it’s such a relief to know that they accept addresses of different states.


  7. Kirubhakaran Sundarrajan says:

    Hi Anirban Ghosh,

    You can walk into Aadhaar enrollment agencies (anywhere in India) with your vaild ID proof and address proof to get your Aadhaar.

    If you don’t have any valid ID/Address proof, you can enroll using a notary certificate.

    Aadhaar does not bother about your proofs, it just captures your unique finger prints and iris and give you a unique id.

    Don’t delay in getting your Aadhaar. It may just become the mandatory number for everything..

  8. Vivek says:

    Dear Anirban,
    You can apply from your city of work (or any city in India for that matter) and give your permanent address for your aadhar card. I myself have done the same. I also know many of my colleagues who are staying here in Maharashtra and have given addresses of West Bengal, Andhra pradesh etc. as their address for aadhar card.
    Hope it helps.

  9. Mehul Sharma says:

    AFAIK you can, coz I got my permanent address on adhar card and enrolled from a place other then permanent address. if they don’t do so then its just a big example of stupid system where for every small big documents people have to move here and there and at the end they ll ask you every proof like adhar, rashan, voter, id, license, and to make one it needs another and different at different places. we can’t have uniform system for every need I hope adhar card ll replace everything and it ll save hell lot of paper also for this and that proof. one card for every purpose my heart ll smile when that day ll come in India. hope is best

  10. Ashish Garg says:

    Dear Anirban,

    There are nearly 40 items listed under Adhaar as address proof, see if you can get any of them.


  11. Ashish Garg says:

    Dear Anirban,

    In that case you need to enroll in the same city. of which you have the address proof. Once you get your Adhaar number and have the address proof for your present city, you can get the address updated online as well.


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