Actual EMI instead of Pre EMI

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I have taken a home loan of 30 Lakhs with ICICI bank, and my ROI is 10.5% and the tenure is 20 years. Right now am paying my Pre EMI amount for 17Lakhs, which has been disbursed.
My actual EMI (approx- Rs 30,000) would commence only after the full building completion, which will take another year.
I came to know there is an option of paying the actual EMI during the Pre EMI period to avoid paying interest thereby paying the principal amount towards the loan amount. Can anybody suggest me?
1. Whether ICICI offers such option, having disbursed a partial amount (17L)? If they provide such option of paying actual EMI, would it be better (in my case) going for actual EMI or Pre EMI? Please give me some information.
2. If I pay the actual EMI now, will there an additional amount apart from my actual EMI to be paid for the principal being paid?
3. I assume there is no IT benefit of my actual EMI right now. Is the assumption right?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. ICICI Bank Care says:


    We have made a note of your email id. We’ll contact you and assist you on the same.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

  2. Dear Harish, against your partial disbursal of 17L Rs. as of now you are paying around 15K Rs. as pre EMI. In my opinion, please contact ICICI Bank immediately & ask there to start deducting regular EMI, no matter how much amount has been disbursed. Please do note for your regular EMI of 30K Rs. 15KN Rs. ‘ll be adjusted on mly basis to wards your outstanding home loan & it ‘ll definitely bring down your interest outgo over the period of loan.



    1. says:

      Thanks guys for the information..

  3. TheZionView says:

    You just have to check with ICICI if you can start Full EMI from next month.
    Its advantage to you since you start paying more principal when the amount is partially disbursed.

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