Can I add myself in place of my mother’s Investment – Since she Expired

POSTED BY varsha kshirsagar ON January 3, 2015 9:57 am COMMENTS (2)


My parents had made investment in mutual funds. Unfortunately my mother expired last month.

In many funds, she & my dad are joint holders. Now my father wishes that my name to be inserted in the place of my mother (in some funds she is 1st holder and in others she is 2nd holder). Bcoz many funds are doing quiet well and we do not wish to redeem those and make again fresh investment. So can I replace my mothers name without disturbing the fund investment and its current returns.

If yes, please let me know the procedure.



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  1. varsha kshirsagar says:

    thanks for the reply..

    can i have more inputs on the query..

  2. Hemanth says:

    yes…. you can… first your mother’s name has to removed I think. Approach the AMC and ask for the same. they might ask some proofs, forms to be filled.

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