addition of amount in mutual fund

POSTED BY vijay ghadge ON September 7, 2013 5:19 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear Madam/Sir,

                          Please advice me on my portfolio.
1#.DSP top 100(G)  – RS 1000 pm Since Jun 2010
     DSP top 100(G)  – RS 1000 pm Since Jun 2011
2.Birla frontline CSIP (G) –  RS 1000 pm Since May 2010
3. Idfc premier eq. (G)- RS 2000 pm Since Jun 2010
    Idfc premier eq. (G)- RS 3000 pm Since Jun 2012


     # The last installment is in june 2013 as per the instuction filled by me.
So my question is should i continue with this portfolio.
My debt investments are
1.PPF -Rs.70000.
2.EPF- Rs.150000     
I can invest Rs.10000 per month more.
In birla frontline i can not add the amount because of CSIP.
Please please advice me.
I am eagerly waiting .
Thanking You.
Mr.Vijay Ghadge


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  1. Dear Vijay, please continue with the same funds with fresh SIP in same funds for your extra 10K amount.



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