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Dear all,

My investments are as below

Sip in mutual fund:

1.Birla frontline Rs 1000(since May 2010)

2.Dsp top 100 Rs 1000(since june 2010)

   Dsp top 100 Rs 1000(since june 2011)

3.Idfc Prem.Eq. Rs.2000(since june 2010)

   Idfc Prem.Eq. Rs.3000(since june 2012)

Nsc : Rs.25000 since oct 2006

PPF:Rs.70000 since feb 2002

EPF:Rs.125000 since june 2005

Bank Fixed Deposit : Rs. 4 lacs

Gold Jewellary : 100 gm

1 bhk Home: approx.value Rs 20 lacs

Net Salary: Rs 40000 pm.


I want to buy a new home in ulwe navi mumbai ,cost is around 25 lacs.


My plan is

1 Home loan :                                      Rs 15 lacs                        EMI :Rs 17000 for 15 years

2 Loan Against 1bhk home :          RS 5 Lacs                         EMI : Rs.7000 for 15 year

3.Loan against FD :                      Rs.3 lacs                          EMI : Rs.4000 

4.Stop and sell mutual fund:         Rs.1,50000                             ——-

5.etc                                          Rs. 50000


Total                                          Rs.25 lacs                               EMI :Rs.28000



Net salary – EMI = In hand

40000-28000=  12000


What is your suggestion about the plan.I like the proerty which is in ULWe,Navi mumbai and future potential of it.

Sometimes I afraid to go by this way.

And thinking to invest through Mutual Fund SIP only.



Please Suggest,eagerly awaiting the reply.

Thanks & Regards,





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  1. vijay ghadge says:

    I will get the possession imediately . i.e. after 1 or 2 month .

    1. Dear Vijay, @ 28K EMI, can you imagine how much risk you are taking for your family & specially for the case all of your savings ‘ll be wiped out already to pay the down payment? 28K EMI translates into 70% of your net income which is 40K. A sure shot way to invite financial trouble for yourself & your family. For a sound financial life, your EMI should not cross 40% of your take home salary at any point of time.

      In my personal opinion, I w’d not like myself to go with this deal.

      You are free to decide your way.



  2. Dear Vijay, are you purchasing this property for investment purpose or for self consumption?



    1. vijay ghadge says:

      For investment purpose only.And want to rent it out.

      1. Dear vijay, When ‘ll you get the possession of this property?



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