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Hi Manish/All,

I recently bought the aegon religare iterm plan for 100 Lacs as pure protection plan. I bought this for couple of reasons –

– being one of few plans which were offering more than 30 years considering that (I’m 26/27) to cover untill my retirement

– covering ALL forms of death, even terror attacks (only exclusion being suicidal death in first year) see below link.

– terminal illness benefit. But as per company, it seems that terminal illness is diffrent from the critical illness. I have been thinking should i buy a critical illness cover and buy someother online term plan…

I’m aware that their clain settlement is like 91% (which 21 out of 23) but i thought plan is good from cover perspecive.

Do you think that was a right move?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Dear Beginner, you can purchase a health policy from a general insurer & add CI & Accident plan with that.



  2. Beginner says:

    Thanks Ashal.

    I will try creating medical emergency fund but I am wondering as to if i have to buy critical illness plan and also have health insurance policy with 7 lakhs, do i need to?

    On the critical illness benefit let me be more clear – why i thought about critical illness is, some online term plans do offer critical illness benefit as part of their benefits of coverage, but AEGON RELIGARE only covers terminal illness?

    Now, i have to buy 2 more policies one for critical illness and personal accident as well. I’m trying to reduce number of policies which is cumbersome.

    any suggestions please?

  3. Dear Beginner, relax. You have made a sensible choice. Regarding Critical illness plan, please purchase it from general insurance companies as a stand alone policy & at the same time, start creating a medical emergency fund for your family.



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