Airtel Fraud : Refusing to downgrade Solitaire Postpaid Plans

POSTED BY RD1981 ON June 9, 2013 1:19 pm ONE COMMENT

After first month bill, I requested Airtel to downgrade to Solitaire 999 Plan on ALL 3 mobiles.

Airtel Appellate emailed me saying that it is NOT APPLICABLE to my mobiles.

FYI, Solitaire 1099 does not cover Landline calls in free 4000 minutes. And my Solitaire 999 provides 2500 minutes free which cover all calls (landline, mobile, std).

I paid almost 650 extra due to landline calls on my 2 mobiles with Solitaire 1099 plan. And almost 800 extra for Solitaire 1599 because my usage will never exceed 2500 minutes (as provided in Solitaire 999 plan).

So every month almost I will pay 1500 extra to Airtel (18000 per year) just because Airtel refuses to downgrade to Solitaire 999 Plan.

When I took these connections from Airtel shop, the executives CLEARLY TOLD me that I can change to any plan of my choice later on if I find that usage is lesser or there is a better plan available.

After I made this request, I got confirmation in SMS from Airtel that my plan will be changed to Solitaire 999 on ALL my mobiles. Yesterday afternoon I got a call from an Airtel executive CONFIRMING that my plans have been changed and they will get activated in 3-4 hours.

Today I got an email from Appellate (which is the last level of grievance) saying that plans will NOT be changed because Solitaire 999 is NOT applicable.
FYI, Solitaire 999 is meant for Delhi / NCR and in terms and conditions also it is not mentioned that existing customers cannot opt for this plan.

Airtel as an organization is so weak and poorly managed that different teams, different people are making different commitments. As a customer what do I do ? Please provide any suggestions if you are reading this.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. Dear RD1981, what’s the query & whom do you want to address it? How about porting your mobile numbers to solve the issue with out any problem to you or anybody else?



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