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POSTED BY sanjay ON November 20, 2012 9:30 pm COMMENTS (2)

An agent of Alchemist Infra Realties pvt. Ltd. told me about its MIS Scheme.It is giving 12% p.a. How secure the company is? According to the agent the company is listed in N.S.E & B.S.E.Please advice me. I didn’t find anything in their website about the shemes.






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  1. sanjay says:

    Thanks Krishna for ur prompt & valuable answer.

  2. Krishna Kishore Appala says:

    Even if you find something like that in there site. Please stay out of this kind of stuffs.
    How can you forget Stockguru incident which had seen light just 15 days back.
    Ask them where they are going to invest yoir money? How they are going to generate more than 12% returns ?. Are they really transparent with regulators & also there investments. Check twice all these.? Ask your agent why the company havent stated anything on website ?

    If they have perfect answers with them for these questions, then there is only 10% chance that you may invest in it.

    But even then there is 90% RISK associated & more probability of being a FRUAD.

    Krishna Kishore Appala

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