All Home Loan documents not returned by the bank

POSTED BY Amol Patgaonkar ON November 15, 2012 10:24 am COMMENTS (2)


My home loan with IDBI got closed after complete payment. I got a call to collect the documents from bank. But I was shocked to see that the original documents given by me and the documents returned by IDBI bank do not match. Bank has not returned many documents like 7/12 Extract, Development agreement, Power of Attorney, N.A order, Search & Title report and most importantly Sanctioned Plan copy.

I argued, but was told that it is the process which is followed and agreed to return only “Sanctioned Plan copy”, which will be returned later.

I raised query with customer care and they are going to look into it.I do not understand that how come bank can keep any documents when I have closed the loan. Can anyone guide in this?



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  1. Amol Patgaonkar says:

    Thanks Manish for the reply. Good information to take this forward.

  2. Yes, this seems to be very odd thing . Bank should return everything . I just suspect if they have lost few things ! ..

    The good part with IDBI is that they are covered under RTI act , so now you can formally get a written reply from them on this issue .


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