Any experience with MediManage ?

POSTED BY Mustafizur Rahaman ON September 14, 2013 10:46 pm COMMENTS (9)

I have read about MediManage in & also gone through the comments, which are good. But then I also came across, where it is a mixed bag & specially people have concern about after sales service, which is one of the most common concern people have in India. My questions are

1. Can anyone share their recent experience if anyone has bought policies/interacted from MM?

2. MM claim that they will handle cashless/claim procedure on behalf of us. But does insurance company acknowledge that i.e. will insurance company acknowledge them or for each & every of their query, insurance company will interact with me? Then it is as good as I am following-up

3. I have also seen Mahavir Chopra from MM commenting/giving valuable suggestion in various threads in this forum. I am openly asking it here(& hope everyone will take it in the right spirit) so that he can also share his thought & also his comment about some of the concern people have raised..



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  1. Rajesh says:

    Dont ever buy from Medimanage .. You will be wasting money — For Name sake you will have a insurance but when you actually go for claiming it , you will get a response stating its an existing problem so we cannot cover you. That’s pathetic

    Health insurance is not like buying a mobile or electronic gadgets .. People buy it for safety of their loved ones . It has lot of assurance associated with it. But it would be terrifying if you cannot use it when you need it.

    They provide you with Raksha TPA (Worst ever. ) . Raksha TPA – will make you cry when its time to claim your insurance. I felt very pathetic when my dad was is in hospital.

    Friends Beware … Dont go by their promises …

    1. Thanks for sharing that Rajesh

  2. David Vaz says:

    Medimanage was exemplary under the previous management but the management has recently changed and most of the old staff have left. I know this for a fact because all the old contacts I had with Medimanage were not available when I asked for them. I have 5 policies with them taken over the last 4-5 years or so.
    When it came to my first claim in Oct 2016, I found that there was only lip service from Medimanage initially. It then progressed to No response to my emails and phonecalls and No follow up with Star Health.
    I had to follow up relentlessly ON MY OWN with Star Health, before the claim was finally processed 4 months later.
    MEDIMANAGE was of no help whatsoever. When we pay our premiums online all they do is collect their brokerage.
    When it comes to claim time, the only thing you can be sure is that YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN AND CAN EXPECT NO SUPPORT FROM MEDIMANAGE.

    1. Thanks for sharing that David Vaz

  3. S.Das says:

    I doubt if Medimanage is fraud company or not. I paid premium for policy no. ​131300/48/2016/11847. I paid premium dated 23.09.2016 but till date do not receive anything from Medimanage, not a single receipt. Please avoid this fraud medimange company.

  4. Puneet says:

    I bought 4 policies though them. There customer portal does not even show the name of the insurance provider. Customer Service told me that its down from 4-5 MONTHS. And IT team is working on it. Funny is’nt it.

    But they were happy to sell you more. I hope you get the point.

  5. vijay says:

    Hello All,

    I am completely unsatisfied with kind of service provided by Medimanage, This is really a worst customer service I have seen ever.
    1. Customer Service people not providing feedback timely manner, employee always need to call/contact every time.
    2. TPA taking too long time for reimbursement process, approval time.
    3. Vidal Health Customer Service people always providing different feedback, like they are unknown of all communication.

    I have very good experience in last organization with another TPA , Customer Service was excellent with that.

    I recommend not to go with medimanage.

    I hope this mail will help others to know about medimanage problems.


  6. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Navneet & dear Mustafizur, any claim related experience of a 3rd person is not helpful to you as your own claim experience may be different.



  7. Navneet Surana says:

    Hi Rahaman,
    Based on inputs available in this Jago investor blog and the link referred by yourself, i had also gone ahead and taken my Health plan from MM. Initial experience so far is good. As rightly mentioned by you, its till sales and distribution of policy doc. No experience of after sales service. MM does claim and told me as well , that they shall handle the claims follow-up on our behalf. Not sure how far this is true. So even I look forward for real time experience of people with MM in actual need scenario.
    Rgds, Navneet

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