Any good budgeting software like Mint for Indian users?

POSTED BY Priya Sodhi ON November 1, 2012 10:30 pm COMMENTS (8)

Hey Guys,

Is there a good budgeting software like Mint for Indian users? My sis in US raves about mint all the time but I a not aware of such an alternative for India?
Someone did recommend Artha Money, Perfios and Rupee X…
Any suggestions which is the best one or any other better one?

Thanks a lot

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  1. Jinesh Gosar says:

    I have been using the paid version of Perfios and am very happy with it. It aggregates all my MF, Equity and Bond investments, Bank and Credit Card accounts, Insurance and Home Loan as well giving a meaningful dashboard of my net worth. Lot of other features are available for analyzing returns on each asset class, portfolio distribution across industries etc, mutual fund scanner which drills down your mutual fund investments to show your ultimate sector-wise exposure through MF investments.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jinesh Gosar

  2. Dear Priya, I’m using Perfios for my own tracking & found it very useful. I’m using free version.

    You may give a try to it.



  3. C R Manikandan says:

    It seems Intuit is closing not sure !!
    Announcement from Intuit :
    Intuit Money Manager service will not be available after 28-Feb-2013 Please click here to read the FAQ

    Mint is not yet available in India
    Myuniverse is paid service(500Rs/PerAnnum + taxes) – Nice UI but experienced lag in refreshing.

  4. Priya Sodhi says:

    Thank you very much Manish and Manish 🙂
    Now I have a list of perfios, artha money, rupee x, yodlee, myuniverse and Intuit Money Manager.
    Any particular order or ranking among them as per your experience or if any one really stands out. Inuit seems nice and has a recommendation from Outlook Money.
    I would love to try them all but don’t think i can manage that much time.
    Thanks again

    1. says:

      Kindly tell about all these softwares (MINT,artha money, rupee x, yodlee, myuniverse and Intuit Money Manager) what is the use of them for a common man or businessmen.

  5. Manish Jain says:


    Great question. It depends on what features of you are talking about:

    1. Auto aggregation of various accounts
    2. Providing offers to save money (such as a lower priced brokerage account)

    If it’s #2, then nobody in India is offering that service as of now.

    For #1, There are several on-line aggregators but most fail miserable from a user interface perspective. Many require you to re-login and enter one-time passwords and so on. Not very easy to use.

    Manish mentioned Yodlee and MyUniverse (Yodlee is the back-end provider for MyUniverse. You mentioned Perfios which is another option. Also, there is Intuit Money Manager.

  6. Yes there are good alternatives . is a US based one , but it has integration with major banks in India . You can do most of the things which Mint does . It works with all the major banks in india, credit cards, demat etc etc . I had used it in past .

    Another promising new product is from Aditya Birla group called . Its totally Indian , very new and I have not had much time looking at it in detail , but it promises a great integration with various other financial services companies including banks !


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