Any short term courses on stock market – I am fed up of my job !

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Respected sir,

I want an advice from you.. Sir i have done in electronics & comm. and after that without any gap i have done MBA in marketing . Sir i have completed my mba in year 2011 and after that i have done job in sales & Mktg but every-time i get a job is of the scale 7000-8000. I m frustrated with this seriously.. Sir i want to make my career in this stock market & other related instruments. Sir i am very much fed up. Sir please suggest me what can i do ……

I want to start my own business . are there any kind of institutes that give 2 to 6 months training on stock market & other related products in north india.. every-time whenever i wish to join a new company they again offer me a salary hike of 500–1000 more than the previous salary .. sometimes i think that what I get after studies… Sir so it is my humble request that please guide me …


Gaurav vashisht

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  1. Bhavesh Furia says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    Instead of getting frustrated and suddenly jumping full time in stock market, I would like to advice you to first analyse yourself. What according to you is your weakness which is coming in your way of getting better job ? Is it lack of some SKILL which is required in your job ? Is it lack of your INTEREST ? Try to find that thing and improve it.

    You said that you want to start a business, is it only because you are not able to get a better job ? What is the motto behind starting this business, I mean what product / service you will provide to people for which they will pay you ? Think about it.

    It is true that people have made good money in stock market (also LOSSES), but the way you are seeing it is incorrect. It will not happen overnight. It requires patience, discipline, constant learning approach which cannot be learned through any short-term course. I would never advice a newcomer to jump FULL TIME in stock market.

    I would recommend you to continue your current job, keep on analyzing yourself side by side, UNDERSTAND WHY AND HOW stock market have made money for people in past, after you are done with the basics of stock market, then start investing in it. Till than, try to invest in skills improvement and knowledge.

    All the best.

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