Any Stock Broker accepting FDR (bank FDs) ?

POSTED BY jayshil ON September 13, 2012 1:19 pm COMMENTS (3)

Any Stock Broker accepting FDR  (bank FDs) ?

Pls suggest a broker who accepts bank FDs in NSE FO segment

I know the procedure 

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  1. Dear Jayshil, why are you not opting OD account against your FD & then using that account to play in FnO. I hope you are aware of pitfalls of FnO.



    1. jayshil says:

      There are a few brokers who are giving this facility, I am just trying to sort out the best deal. As far as your concern over FO , I believe FO is the best platform to trade if u can plan strategies well

      1. Dear Jayshill, in my opinion, the best deal on FDs ‘ll be available to you only from the bank from where these FDs are issued in terms of interest rate you w’d pay on OD. Regarding FnO, as you understand the risk, It’s ok to me.



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