Applied for a First Credit Card

POSTED BY pallavi ON September 11, 2012 5:00 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi All,

I didnt have any Credit cards  or applied for any loans till now. I have applied for the Fresh citibank Credit card. 

But it got rejected due to cibil enquiry,they are saying that they got a bad feedback as i didnt maintain liability.

Iam having a salary Debit card saving account in  ICICI.How cibil gives that feedback as i dont have any credit card or loans?? 

Please suggest me what action should I need to take for clearing my name from negative list of CIBIL Report?

So please please advice….it will really be helpful.

Thank You.

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  1. paraacbe says:

    Hi ,

    My credit card also got rejected by CITI.I dont have any credit card or loans before but i have two ICICI bank accounts and a Kotak bank account(which is inactive for more than 3 years).Does my inactive Kotak bank account play a role in messing up my credit score?>

  2. Credexpert says:

    Dear Pallavi,

    Assuming that you have never borrowed or had a Credit Card in your life, CIBIL or any other Credit Bureau will not have any data pertaining to your credit history and therefore you would not be on the negative lists of any bureau. Ask CITI Bank for a copy of your credit report – they are required to give you a copy since they are rejecting your application because of the report. Therefore, you will not need to spend approx. ₹ 500 to get your report and score.
    I am surprised you have been rejected for not having any liability and i am sure another bank could consider your application positively.



  3. Dear Pallavi, first of all please check your Credit score & report from CIBIL by paying a fee. Then only you may come to know that what is the reason? From your query, it seems there is no record for you in CIBIL & that’s why, CITI Bank has denied this credit card for you.

    If you are so much interested to have a credit card, you may opt for a FD linked Credit card, issued against a FD. Almost all banks are offering such kind of secured credit card.



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