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Hi Manish and forum members,

Let me share my experience with Aviva I life term plan, i have applied online term plan with aviva for my wife aged 32 with annual premium of Rs4816 for 30yrs period FOR 50 LAKHS.

Policy was applied on 6th of this month with submitting Pancard and three months salary slips through online documents upload, process was so smooth and it took only 4days to commence the risk .

From 10/10/2012 risk started commencing and approved online policy documents is sent to mail id immediately with sms confirmation .And we have received courier with policy documents in about a weeks  time .Totally it took not more than 12 days to complete entire process.

Especially here I would like to appreciate Customer care team with their committed approach, every step they will guide u till the process is successful.

I would like to mention one Mr.Pramod Pandey and colleagues with their committed approach from Aviva Team. We insisted on medical and they confirmed age till 35 as per their policy and underwriting procedure it is not necessary…

Whole process was fine or am I missing something forum members pls share ur views….

We were so keen and concentrated with all the facts while applying and did not miss with any info for eg: health condition ,existing policy info ,premium paid for those exisiting policies per anum etc…



Matta Naveen Kumar




  1. Dear Naveen, relax as of now. Whenever you ‘ll apply for your next term plan in future to increase your sum assured by purchasing a new policy, the medical ‘ll be mandatory.

    As of now enjoy.

    I’m also an AVIVA I-Term policy holder.



  2. Dont worry on them . They seem to have a great customer care who guide the clients and prospects very well and also tell them facts . I had personally met the national heads in Pune and they shared with me how they take care of all this . No doubt good and bad experiences are part of this, but overall they are going good.

    Just focus on other parts of your financial life now , your life insurance part is done 🙂


  3. vaibhav says:

    Same is the case with me. Team AVIVA is doing great job in term insurance, and during processing somewhere, sometime you doubt that, really everything could go so simple and hassle free?……:)

  4. Jagbir Singh says:

    Hello Matta,

    I am having the same experience with Aviva as you described.

    After lot of research in market, I have decided to take Aviva ilife term policy and all the formalities were completed speedily and I received the final policy document within 15-20 days of initial application date.

    The entire experience is very satisfactory. Their customer care followups, home visit of doctors to collect blood samples/ECG etc for medical test, updates by mail and sms etc. all are at par with best possible scenario.

    I duly filled the form, re-checked entire policy document after receiving it and everything looks in place and as expected.

    I think we tends to develop a sense of disbelief when things really fall in place without any fuss. Their claim settlement ratio is at par with good players, financial health is good and if you have declared the facts with truth, there’s no way they can/try avoiding honoring legit claims.

    I think we need to take chill-pill. Keep informed family members where are the policy documents, how to reach customer-care etc. in case of any unfortunate incident.


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