Avoid Greed, We are in need of Financial literacy for LITERATES !!!

POSTED BY Krishna Kishore Appala ON November 15, 2012 6:48 pm COMMENTS (3)

THe latest news on Stockguru triggers another major issue our so called Literates are facing is “Greed”.

How can one expect 20% returns every MONTH in stock market.

Who ever having a Minimum knowledge of markets, will laugh at it. But still we had thousands went after that, leaving there common sense & maths on air .

So, the important thing needed right now is Financial Literacy for Literates. 

Please use basics, common sense & maths much much much before your Greed can take you.



Krishna Kishore

3 replies on this article “Avoid Greed, We are in need of Financial literacy for LITERATES !!!”

  1. Krishna Kishore Appala says:

    Thats true Manish

    Even if they atleast ask themselves some basic questions they will not get into this trap.

    Whats really blows away my mind is the Promise to return 20% per MONTH.
    Name me any company ( Large, Mid, Small, Micro) which grows at 20% every month Consistently.

    Prasanth Jain, Siva Subramanyam, Parag Parekh etc are not magicians. But the only problem is these guys shows small but real numbers, and all others show BIG & fake numbers.
    Hope atleast some may realize the facts now.

    Krishna Kishore Appala

  2. Thanks for that update . .I am sure people will still not learn from these examples . The problem is people do not understand the ground axioms which govern the games !

  3. Biswa Singh says:

    Thank you.

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