Axis Bank Personal Loan Agent Cheating Case

POSTED BY Timma Reddy ON October 10, 2012 4:13 pm ONE COMMENT

Please help me in this.
Got cheated by Axis Bank (Mumbai) loan agent.
As I am looking for a personal loan, one day agent called me and told that interest rate 14.5%, processing fee 0.5%. After giving initial docs, I got a message from bank that it is 17%, 1.5%, then I said no. After some time agent came back and told that it is 16%, 1.5%, again I rejected. After some time, he came back and told it is 15%, 0.5%, then I agreed and signed the docs. But when I recieved the loan, it is 16%, 1.5%.
I asked to resolved it, then from last 2 months, he is saying will be done today and till now nothing done. Now, he is not picking up my phone.

I already paid 2 emi’s, money is still lying idle in my bank a/c.

I complained to bank to resolve this and close the loan, they keep on replying that
I only agreed to those rates. There are alterations in the interest rate part of doc, which are not done by me.

Please help me, how to fight against this.


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  1. As discussed on the blog itself , If it was not written on a company paper , its just a verbal promise , its just a case against the agent for fraud .

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