Bank Account mandatory on ITR tax return?

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In the ITR excel forms (I tried ITR-2 as that is applicable to me), there is no tax refund due to me for the last financial year. I also do not intend a direct deposit of refund in case Income Tax office wants go give me a refund; I want them to send the refund cheque either on the address of my tax return or permanant address of my PAN.

Why is the ITR excel asking me to enter a 12 digit Bank Account number “mandatory” and to enter a IFSC Code as “mandatory”?

Is it mandatory for a tax payer, to own a bank account of account number 12 digits long, enter account number on ITR form even if there is no refund? What if I have a bank account in a small town’s co-operative bank which does not have any IFSC Code but my income is above Rs 5 Lakh which prompts to file ITR online? How do I circumvent the problem?

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  1. Dear Bunker, in case of CBS accounts, IFSC is already there.



  2. Bunker Guide says:

    The guidelines also do not talk that if taxpayer and return filer does not have a bank account with IFSC code, then what must be done in such case. It does not say “open such account if you dont have one”. There will be cases where IFSC code is not assigned to the bank account in small towns.

  3. Dear Bunker Guide, earlier i.e. till Fy 2010-2011, the 2 fields were optional. From FY 2011-2012, these were made mandatory. So now you have no choice. As having Income more than 5L Rs. it’s compulsory for you to file Online. Hence procuring a CBS enabled account number is must for you.



  4. Dear Bunker Guide, the Govt. is trying to move for all things online way for Income Tax. That’s why, it’s asking for CBS enabled bank account. If you do not have one, please open one. 🙂



    1. Bunker Guide says:

      Ashal, Though your response touches my question, it does not answer my question fully. It outlines what is Govt policy.

      1. When a taxpayer has no refund due, the ITR excel should not make the bank account mandatory. Why is it making mandatory?
      2. What is the thing one can do to avoid entering the bank account number and IFSC Code?
      3. There could be several traders businessman in small towns and moderate sized villages whose income is above Rs 5 Lakhs but their towns do not have CBS enabled banks? Just to fulfill a govt policy, should they travel to district place and open another account with a bank which has IFSC?

      My question is what should I enter in the two fields of bank account and IFSC code if I have none of them with me and I dont intend to procure one?


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