Bank Annual account maintenance charge

POSTED BY Pankaj Vasudeo ON June 25, 2012 1:22 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi guys
Me having 2 current account in state bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
Current account opening fee is Rs. 10,000 ( minimum balance rs 10,000)
My one account having Rs 13495 from 2004 ( Inactive)
and another one i was using daily to daily basis ( Active)

now when i inquired abt balance in inactive account
they told me account balance is nill
as yearly maintance is rs 550
so after 7 years 550 * 7 = 3850
deduction my account was like below minimum balance
and they deducted rs 2200 quarterly

now account is -23495 ( 13495 + 10000 ( security deposit)

is it wholely my fault
bcoz i dun remeember when i opened this account there was a clause of account maintance
bank not even notified me about this

please suggest me what can i do

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  1. Pankaj Vasudeo says:

    I want my money back
    is it possible ?

    1. Dear Pankaj, a plain answer is NO. Also, it’s in your own interest to inform the bank that you no longer wish to use that account & want to close the same. Pay the pending amount & close it. In case you are not closing it from your own side – the bank may ask you to pay the amount or even notify your name in CIBIL.



  2. Dear Pankaj, do you want to activate this dormant account or do you want that money back? Please clarify.



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