Bank cut TDS on FD BUT 26AS Status is ‘U’

POSTED BY Trishit Ray ON May 24, 2012 11:06 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hello everybody,

It appears my TDS problem has not ended till now. First the TDS on FD was not shown in the form 26AS; and now when it is shown the status is ‘U’. The footnote of the page mentions

“Unmatched (U) – Deductors have not deposited the taxes or have furnished incorrect particulars of tax payment. Final credit will be reflected only when the payment details in the bank match with the details of deposit in the TDS/TCS statement.”

I have been real busy so I could not visit the bank and hence not collect the TDS certificate.I thought if it is reflected in the form 26AS then there’s no need to worry.

Now,shall I
a) collect the TDS certificate as soon as possible?
b) contact the bank and tell them to correct any challan or the document so that the TDS credit is reflected in the 26AS ?

BTW,is it normal for first U status and then it eventually becomes F ? I asked this because it took some time for the TDS to appear in the 26AS.

Your reply will be much appreciated.


Trishit Ray

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  1. Trishit Ray says:

    I searched the net and found a link for online complaint. I am sharing the link if it would be of any help for people like me.The link is

    I submitted my complaint using online complaint form and received an email with a ticket no. which says my complaint has been forwarded to the concerned department for necessary action and they will contact me shortly. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Does anyone have any experience of his/her issues resolved in this online way?



    1. Dear Trishit, please wait for a week or so to get any clarification from your bank on the matter.



  2. Trishit Ray says:

    Thanks Ashal for your reply.

    My bank is SBI.Is there any online complaint or email contact for this bank?If there is any then I can email my problem with 26AS as proof and spare me a day in the bank which is very busy and always crowded.



  3. Dear Trishit, first of all, please intimate your bank to rectify their mistake if any in filing TDS return. Once the revised TDS return is filed, collect your form 16A from the bank & file your income tax return.



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