bank loan or fd

POSTED BY ajay ON June 17, 2013 3:06 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi I am Ajay,

My home loan outstanding is 1600000.

within year I can save 16,00000.

I am thinking rather to pay 1600000 to the bank.

Put that money in FD and get interest monthly and transfer the emi as interest.

Or Eighther to go for fixed Rate of interest because current is floating.

three months interest earn is my three months emi so initially three months I will manage.

after that interest will be paid to bank EMI.

Or rather I m thinking to put 1600000 in centdouble so I will get 32,000,00 after 7.5 years.

If I continued to pay EMI for 7 years may be after 7 yeras outstanding is 100000.

But I would have 32 L in bank. which i will do the prepayment.


so what is advisable







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  1. Dear Ajay, why there is no Eq. option in your thinking?



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