What is necessary Before to Invest in MF !

POSTED BY vishal dogra ON January 4, 2013 10:36 am ONE COMMENT

Dear All

Goodmorning.Please share your knowledge that before Investing in any mutual fund what are the key points that the investor should have to know. Either its Lumsum or SIP or any else.

For Example I thought that I will go to invest 2 K monthly in ICICI Discovery Fund ………What should I have to know about this Fund or any thing else !

Please share your knowledge !


Vishal Dogra

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  1. before investing in any product one should be clear about:

    1. why am I investing?
    2. when will I need the money? For goals more than 5 years away most of my money can be in MFs for less 5 years away one a small portion. For less 3 years away no MFs at all.

    For goals more than 5 years away I will have 60-70% in equity MFs and rest in debt products (MFs, FD, bonds etc)

    For equity MFs choose large caps as the core holding and small- and mid-cap funds as satellite holding.

    ICICI Discovery is a good fund but it should part of the satellite holding that is your main MF mutual fund investment should be in a large cap fund and then some portion in this.

    See this for a step by step to choosing a MF

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