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POSTED BY Syamraj ON October 21, 2012 4:06 pm COMMENTS (3)

My son was born in Dec. 2010 and from that time we decided to save 25,000/- per month on his name, Now it become 5,25,000/-. Until now we did not put that amount in any MF/ULIP/Insurance/ETF…etc because I dont know anything about that.
But now I am thinking to invest that amount and want to continue for another 20 to 25 years. My monthly salary is 1,32,000 INR and I can invest upto 50,000 per month. I dont have any insurance policies and others. I have my future plans like House (75lacs), Education (30lacs), after retirement Dairy Farm (25Lacs), School (15lacs) & 1cr savings…etc. Based on this could you please suggest me in which area and schemes i have to invest with medium to moderate risk or i will invest in real estate ? I am coming to India this Dec.\’12 and want to start my investment. So please give your valuable advice.

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  1. Syamraj

    I think to start with you should just do a Recurring Deposit for initial 1-2 yrs , because at this moment you are not clear of other kind of investment options . Do read my book , It will give you a good idea on the basic concepts and will prepare you for your financial life.

  2. TheZionView says:

    The Plan for you now is of 2-6 months plan,

    Which is the time to learn about financial planning and understanding the difference between various products available. Only educating yourself will make sure you dont make mistakes in future.Even before seeing a Financial planner educate yourself well

    1. Syamraj says:

      you are right, thats why I am asking seniors and specialists for their advices (only) so that i can educated and same time I am also gathernig some information from net….

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