Best investment plan suggestion needed

POSTED BY Dinesh Bhat ON January 2, 2013 6:28 pm COMMENTS (5)


I want to invest some amount of money in a plan on a monthly basis. I want best return after one year. Which policy do you suggest? Not sure, if SIP helps me with current condition of market.

Please suggest.



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  1. You could check out the ones from hdfc

  2. Dinesh Bhat says:

    Any Fixed Maturity Plans top of your mind that you would like to suggest?

  3. Bad idea. For a 1 year goal capital protection is first priority.
    Effect of compounding does not work here

  4. Dinesh Bhat says:

    Thanks much for valuable suggestions. How about investing in mutual funds for short term gain? Any thoughts?

  5. For a 1 year duration no market condition will be suitable.
    You could aim for 8- less than 10% return before tax not more than that

    You can choose a Recurring deposit, no risk, no TDS but fully taxable as per slab
    you could do an SIP in ultra short term fund or liquid fund.
    These have some but small risk. after one year 10 per cent tax on capital gain without indexation and 20 per cent with indexation

    If you have lumpsum you could go for fixed maturity plans roughly same risk as debt funds and same taxation.

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