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POSTED BY Hemant B ON September 26, 2010 7:09 am COMMENTS (21)

Which is the best investmet quote you have ever heard?

My one is “If investing is entertaining, if you’re having fun, you’re probably not making any money. Good investments are always boring.” 

So what’s your best quote?

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  1. KM says:

    “Our favorite holding period is forever”. Warren Buffett

  2. Jagbir Singh says:

    No financial quote influenced me more than one said by peter lynch:

    “If you could tell the future from a Balance Sheet then accountants and mathematicians would be the richest people in the world.”

  3. Rajendran says:

    Don’t live like a begger to die as a king. I am not sure from where I read this but I love this quote.

  4. Manish Bansal says:

    “The four most expensive words in the English language are, ‘This time it’s different.'”
    — Sir John Templeton

    This is the most commonly used in Insurance Products by Advisors.

    1. Hemant B says:

      @ Manish

      There is one more very good quote by Sir John Templeton said “If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd.”

  5. Ajay says:

    Well this caught my attention somewhere

    Income MINUS Investment = Expense

  6. rakesh says:

    Bull Markets are Born on Pessimism,
    Bull Markets Grow on Skepticism,
    They Mature on Optimism, and
    Die on Euphoria.

    — Sir John Templeton

    1. Hemant B says:

      @ Rakesh

      Brilliant quote by real legend.

  7. Sunny Sodday says:

    ”Investing is all about how well you know and apply Mathematics” My Personal quote 🙂

  8. prabeesh says:

    My investment quote is “Know What You Do. Do What You Know”

  9. Jagadees says:

    “While enthusiasm may be necessary for great accomplishments elsewhere, on stock market it almost invariably leads to disaster.” – Benjamin Graham

  10. marshaln says:

    “smart person can make money without leveraging”

    1. Sunny Sodday says:

      I have a different opinion, I think smart are those who know how to use leverage in their favour.

      1. marshaln says:

        so you saying its ok to borrow money to invest in stock market (-_*)

        1. Sunny Sodday says:

          No, its not OK to borrow money and invest in stock market but Its Ok to use the power of leverage in investing and Investing is not just stock market.

  11. Jagadees says:

    Be fearful when other are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.
    – warren buffet

    1. Hemant B says:

      @ Jagdish

      Simplest but toughest rule to follow.

  12. Ram says:

    Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked

    – Warren Buffet

    1. Hemant B says:


      This is naked truth of 2008. 😉

  13. One of the greatest person of this era Mr. Murli Prasad Sharma alias Munna Bhai has said “Tension Nahi Lene ka”. 🙂


    1. Senthil nathan says:

      2 Rules From Warren Buffett

      1.Never Lose your money.

      2.Do not forgot rule 1.

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