Best ONLINE term plan for Life Insurance ?

POSTED BY Asif ON June 18, 2012 11:17 pm COMMENTS (21)

Recently lot many ONLINE term plans had been launched into market so was wondering how much better it is to go for ONline term life insurance & which is the best online term insurance?
I see bharti AXA e protect is a good option. and taking a sum asssured of 50L makes the premium cheaper (4000) as well.
Any other better alternate options suggested?

Please suggest and discuss other ONLINE term plans only and suggest the optimized way also like sum assured of 50L etc etc

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  1. shivaraj says:

    still no reply to my query.

    plz guide me early as i am going to buy bharathi axa eprotect plan in this month

    1. You can go ahead with it

      1. Rohit says:

        HI Manish,

        I had purchased ICICI iProtect option 1 in 2015 and premium I paid last was Rs. 11794 for SA 1 Cr. Now I see in their website another plan iProtect Smart where premium its showing is Rs 9506 for SA 1 Cr with additional benefits for a 31 yr old male non smoking.
        Should I stop my earlier plan and buy this new one? PLease advise.

        1. Yes, you can do that. but just make sure that first you buy this policy and then stop the earlier one, else it might happen that you stop the first and for some reason this new policy is declined !

          1. Rohit says:

            Thanks for the reply. It only means that I have to keep looking for new plans from various companies and change every year or two. Also, is it a good idea to go with lowest premium charging company?

            1. Yes, but just one time .. not every time 🙂

              Hi Rohit

              I can see that you are thinking of buying a term plan. ALl you need to do is leave your details at

              Our team will get in touch with you


  2. shivaraj says:

    actualy i wish take term plan to me&my wife in this month
    i consulted customer executive on phone of bharathi AXA for online term life “eprotect” plan
    she said
    company provide TERM PLAN WITH ACCIDENT DEATH to both me(salaried employe) & to my wife(housewif)
    company provide this plan to my wife on my income proof for half of sum assurd saying that min sum assured is rs.50,00,000/-
    suppose my policy 75L with accident death rider rs.20L then they offer my wife rs.50L with accident death rider rs.10L.
    i verfid their company brochur “eprotect” in that anywhere it is not mentioned about accidental death rider but she said newly they launched rider to online term plan
    shall i buy it becaz it’s all confused
    as per IRDA guidlines every company whenver any changes made in plan they should update in brochur & take approval of IRDA . am i correct?
    which company offering except bajaj allianz online term policy to both wif&husb with accident death rider? or with permanent disability rider?
    which term plan is suitable to me & my wife?
    plz suggest

    1. We suggest HDFC life insurance for this. Fill up this form if you want to arrange a call back!


  3. Asif says:

    Now, the Million dollar question – when LIC online term plan would be available?
    Any pointers?

    1. Dear asif, it’s almost an year, that we are hearing this online term plan of LIC but wait is getting longer & longer.



  4. Asif says:

    Hello Singh,

    Let me explain to you.
    My requirement and plan was to take 50L LIC and 50L private ( bharti axa). Both ONline option.
    Ashal suggested me to go for 50L from private which i trust and since LIC online term plan is not available now he suggested to buy 5L now from LIC ( offline) and rest when LIC online term plan becomes available.

    so it’s 50L(private online) + 5L (Lic offline- jeevan anmol) + 45L ( LIC online- when available).

    1. BRSINGH says:

      Hi Asif,
      Do we get any advantage with online term plan as compared to off line term plan then? How its going to help you if you get 5L LIC off line now and 45L online when available?

      1. Dear BRSingh, I do hope that the initial part of your query for 50L pvt. & 5L LIC is over. I’m answering for the benefit for online policies.

        As no agent is there & also no front office is there to deal with you, the insurer saves a lot of cost towards, agent’s commission, office related expenses. The same is passed on to the customer in the form of reduced prem. if the customer is purchasing it online.

        Please feel free to post your queries.



    2. Dear Asif, just a small correction, as & when LIC online plan is available, go for 50L SA with the new online term plan & dump this 5L offline term plan. You ‘ll save a good amount of money in the prem. due to high sum assured rebate for 50L Rs. against 45L SA. You can check the same for any other insurer offering online plan, the prem. for 45L ‘ll be more than 50L Rs.



      1. BRSINGH says:

        Appreciate you Ashal. I could understand it properly now.

  5. Asif says:

    Thanks Manish!
    is the LIC online term plan out yet?
    I am thinking on taking 50L with Bharti axa or HDFC & 50L with LIC when it is out!

    Any suggestions on this

    1. Dear Asif, as of now go for 5L anmol Jeevan from LIC & 50L from the choice of your insurer. As & when LIC online plan is available, you may add that too.



      1. BRSINGH says:

        Hi Ashal,

        I would like to know why are you suggesting to have both term insurance 5L anmol Jeevan from LIC & 50L from the choice of any insurer. Is there any specific reason to do that? What if i only go with 50L from Bharati Axa? Thanks in anticipation.

        1. Dear BRSingh, please try to understand the above reply is given to dear Asif for his fear of claim settlement but at the same time to get cheapest term cover in terms of prem. from online insurance cover.

          If you are comfortable on your own with a pvt. insurer, you can go with out LIC.



          1. BRSINGH says:

            Hi Ashal,

            Thanks for your quick response. I sincerely read your comments on various queires. Actually i am still bit confused, are you saying 5L LIC & 50L Private or 50L LIC & 50L Private. Was it a typo? as i do not understand going for a 5L term insurance.

  6. Look at 3 things

    1. Premium (Important)
    2. Your Trust level with company (very important)
    3. Claim settlement (Support parameter)

    I would recommend Kotak , Aviva , Bharti Axa or HDFC in private sector or LIC in public

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