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POSTED BY Gopal Kumar ON October 12, 2012 6:37 pm COMMENTS (2)

My sister is 17 years old. We want to invest monthly savings upto 2000/- in order to get good return after 5 years when my siter is to be married. Can you tell me the best plan to invest in which provides maximum return after 5 years on maturity.

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  1. Dhinesh Kumar says:

    Mr.Gopal – 5 years seems to be a lesser period for investment,so it is risky to invest in any market related plan( Mutual fund ,ULIP) .I suggest you to go for an Bank R.D( which gives a decent returns in short term).

  2. Whatever you do , just dont invest any thing which whose name ends with “Plan” or “Policy” .

    You will be better in MIP’s or debt funds with 20-30% equity components . In worst case, if you dont want to take risk at all, open a RD in bank


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