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POSTED BY venshu ON October 24, 2010 3:44 pm COMMENTS (11)

Which is the best portfolio tracking software / website for personal use? I am using currently. I don’t mind going for a paid software if it is quite good and user friendly. I want to track my investments in MFs, Stocks and FDs.

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  1. pkadish says:

    From online portfolio performance trackers, I think is a good option. Allows to monitor my portfolio in many assets and gives be stuff like benchmarking, even performance attribution. Even also allows to evaluate foreign stocks and how they affect my performance.

  2. Sheldon Cooper says:

    It’s very hard to say which software is best for the purpose of tracking trade portpolios.
    I am a trademax Fan, and have been used it for 2 years. I think it does this job very well.
    it supports tracking your investment portfolio across multiple accounts.
    You can click this URL to have a detailed understanding of it
    Furthermore, it support free downloading, you can have a try;
    if you want to have it for free

  3. Santosh Navlani says:


    if your need is purely tracking the values then there are lots of them available for free on the web. but since you mentioned you are already using moneycontrol, i assume you are looking for more “USEFUL” features in it.

    what is it that is missing in moneycontrol for you? what would you like to have in a portfolio tracker apart from purely tracking values to term that as “good/ best”?

    P.S. – I have a business interest in this space.

    1. venshu says:

      @ Santosh,

      I am not able to get annualised returns in moneycontrol and the reporting is not very detailed either. I checked out Perfios but did not prefer it as I do not want to combine bank accounts, credit card etc along with my portfolio tracking and I live outside India as well.

      I need a software that can track all my investments (MFs, Stocks and FDs), give me XIRR reports, SIP reports, sector allocation reports, transacttion reports, capital gains etc. so I can re-balance as and when necessary. I am aware that with some efforts, I can get the above information from moneycontrol’s tracker but I would rather use a better software if available.

      1. Santosh Navlani says:


        Thats quite a detailed list of feature set.

        I have not seen many retail investors even understanding the meaning of most of those terms. But people who do analyze these things regularly have a higher chance of making better investing decisions than who don’t.

        In our company, we are working on a product. Would you like to enroll for a private alpha?

        It would be great experience to solve your problems of tracking your Investments. If you like to know more, email me on santosh DOT navlani AT gmail DOT com.



        1. venshu says:

          @ Santosh,

          Thanks very much for your response. I will e-mail you later today.

          1. Santosh Navlani says:


            Thanks for your interest Venshu. I hope we will be able to help you.


    1. venshu says:

      Thanks Manish. I will check out the earlier discussion.

  4. Thennarasu says:

    Try this works amazingly well

    1. kshamajn27 says:

      I came across to track my stock investments with a very good website which is free and loaded with portfolio tracking features.

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