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Dear Experts,

Iam in confusion to select date to start SIP. I want to start SIP in 4 Funds. But should I fix SIP Date in first week or last week of every month?

Is it wise to set seperate date for each SIP. For Ex: SIP for one fund is on 7th and for another Fund is on 8th of every month and so on.

Please advice.

Thnak You

R Siva Prasad

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  1. TheZionView says:

    The answer is any day on which you have money in the bank account

  2. Over a long periods of time the performance evens out regardless of when the SIP was started.

  3. While there has been studies on this which suggest that it does not matter too much to select a date , because the markets are so volatile that there is no strong corelation with dates , If you see historical data , you will not find any substantial difference in performance , if you see any , it will just be noise ! ..

    If you select different dates for SIP , the disadvantage is that you will have to keep track of the account balance of your bank which should have sufficient money for ECS mandate , where as with common date, you just have to worry about one date . See what is more easy for you .

    BUt for performance point of view , I dont think you should worry too much about dates .


  4. Ramesh says:

    Best time will be 1 week after your pay comes every month. Gives you enough time to manage your money.

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