Beware of them!!!!

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In line of the post  “Pls explain this to me”.

Related to that googling I found this.

It would be very nice if Manish throws some light on this.


But a couple of tips from his end(recently interacted with one of them) may be of some interest to you folks.He shares two ideas with unimaginable targets.

1)Scripscan:Krishna Ventures Ltd

Story:In a quintessence on his words the scrip will hit 150rs within the next 9 months.Promoters are rich builders with huge sum of money and powerful contacts.The company will allot liberal bonus and stock splits.Company may announce some JV’S and big realty projects in near future.Once it moves into the next orbit with a decent enough market capitalization the placement would be done to institutional investors.Once 150 crosses he sees the next target to be 800rs over the next 2 years.He urges me to buy and I murmur”Paisa nehi hain bhai”.

2)1)Scripscan:Orissa Minerals Development Company Ltd
Target:300000(3 lakh rs)

Story:A set of operators are playing with this psu behemoth(behemoth in terms of its mammoth price).They vows it to be the next NMDC assigning a target of 3 lakh rs.They adds, OMDC has reserves of 206 million tonnes of iron ore & 44 million tonnes of manganese ore.Most mines were closed and in future once all the mines gets operational that would give a massive boost to earnings.Company is also investing Rs.1000 cr to set up 2mtpa pelletisation plant & 2mtpa iron ore beneficiation plant at Thakurani.Company in near future may diversify in overseas for Gold, Diamond & Coal.A stock split and a bonus issues is also on the cards.Since Govt owns 99% of the stake its an easy game for them.3 lakh rs within the next 18 months is the target of them.

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  1. Krishnendu

    I can see that the stocks in the question are penny stocks or very small exposure stocks , the extra ordinary movement is possible in these stocks , but there is extremelly high risk in these stocks . One should never invest such a large money in these kind of stocks that the loss can wipe out most of the money .

    One should learn about the company and all the facts himself before taking up those points which are suggested by the broker .


    1. krishnendu says:

      Thnks Manish.
      Yes its very very risky.
      You have the emperors throne on one side and 100% bankruptcy on the other.Nothing in between.

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