Bima Plus ULIP – Should continue or Surrender

POSTED BY Suresh Gadupu ON August 11, 2012 9:55 pm ONE COMMENT


My Mother has taken Bima Plus ULIP  policy with yearly premium of  5000 for 10 years . At the time taking policy LIC agent informed us that money will be put it into stock market  and over the period of 10 years   the amount become nearly 1 lakh.

 We have paid premium for 7 years till now (2012). Now current value of units is 40,000. We are not able to decide whether to continue or surrender the policy. My mother does not have any other insurance policy other than this.

Looking for advise on this.


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  1. Dear Suresh, please pay 3 more prem. as surrender at this stage ‘ll prove very costly.



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