Bond funds gone down

POSTED BY Karthik ON July 17, 2013 7:14 pm COMMENTS (3)

As you may know, Long term bond funds fell ~ 2% yesterday and Short term bond funds fell by ~ 1%.
Whats next?
If investors, sorry, savers lose faith in debt funds, start redeeming, there will be more selling pressure and more likely to go down.
Should I continue to hold my debt fund units or sell?

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  1. Fully agree with Ashal. This is jut media sensationalism. Why blame experts. Investors should understand there is no mutual fund without risk. If you want higher post-tax returns then is loss of capital risk for short durations is part of the bargain.

  2. Dear Karthik, as the prices (NAV of your funds) are falling, it’s time to invest more. This is a short term pain.



  3. Sumit says:

    This is definitely shocking, such a recent steep fall is quite unexpected and completely surprised debt fund investors. The myth or typical expert’s advice for investing in debt funds for short term goal will not work, if this continues. I am still holding my dynamic bond funds, income funds etc. , will see what happens next.

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