Bought HDFC SL Crest : 24th Sep 2012

POSTED BY Adithya ON September 24, 2012 4:53 pm COMMENTS (8)

Hi I have bought HDFC SL crest (Signed all the required documents and made online credit to that HDFC crest account) for an amount of 50k/year under Highest NAV return plan TODAY.

I have always seen people saying this/that policy is bad. If so which are the policies I need to invest in? 

I’m 24year old Software Engineer earning good enough to invest 1.2lks an year but WHR?

With this confusion I made this investment, Which many people say its BAD!!

Now kindly anyone suggest what should I do?

1. Should I cancel this HDFC SL crest ? If so what amount will I be getting back? all 50k? 

2. I have :

PPF account(80C), 2life insurance policies of 10k/year each(80C) and 5k/month investment in EQUITY(NO EXEMPTION).

3. I dont have:


LIC life insurance or anything else.




Where should I invest? can anyone give me a break down for full 1lks which will provide me good return ? 

I dont want life insurance as of now i want to invest where I will get good returns that all you guys say its good.



Please reply


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  1. Adithya says:

    Yes Kunal,
    I got out with in that 30 day lock out period.

  2. Ashal, that’s good to hear. So, you were in the free-look period? I think they give you a 30 day option to get out of the plan?


  3. Adithya says:

    Hi Kunal,

    Thanks a lot for the link.

    I cancelled my crest Account by Sep 25th and I got back all my money from HDFC with in 2days.

    Was a mistake committed by not knowing the product in and out. Now my 50k are in Safe hands.

    I’m really thankful to you, ashal and ramesh.

  4. Hi Adithya,

    This article might help in making a choice on continuing or discontinuing your HDFC Crest investment.


  5. Dear Adithya, can you please tell me in detail, on what basis you decide to invest in this HDFC Crest plan knowingly that this is a ‘Bad Product’ as per others’ perception?

    W’d you like to eat from your own hands on daily basis or like to have a pair of helping hand to feed you, your food daily?



    1. Adithya says:

      Yeah Ashal,

      Chill, Mistakes are bound to happen when you don’t pitch in to that field. I’m very new this investment world, What ever investment I have mentioned is all made on my dads words. I became serious about my investment very recently, Probably HDFC Crest investment is my pure ignorance thinking that every other investment will yield the same result.

      learnt that having food with a pair of helping hand is more pain full when you your own!!

      Will withdraw this HDFC Crest and will start researching more on investment. Thanks a lot for the answers 🙂

      Better late than Never…..

      1. Dear Adithya, please do not understand me wrong. I do not want to spoonfeed you. I want to help you to dig into yourself for your own hidden strength. Please spend some time to read past discussions on this forum. A lot of info is waiting here for you. Once you finish, I do hope you ‘ll not be the same person. 🙂



  6. Ramesh says:

    Do not depend on others, as you have been doing.

    Learn things on your own, through this blog / forum threads / other sites, books, etc.

    As always for software engineers, F1 or the ‘man pages’. Nothing else is durable.

    The HDFC Crest plan will give you around 6-7% return over the next 10 years. If you are ok with that, please continue.

    Also, remember, simple things are mostly the best, like a simple and elegant code.

    I hope you get the message.

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