Broking firm kassa Fraud Promises

POSTED BY sanchay ON September 28, 2012 11:25 pm COMMENTS (4)

Dear sir ,

I want to  share and ask(as i found it quite interesting ) there is a broking firm kassa which provide special features in stock market which are as follows :-

1. they provide you 16% p.a. fixed interest on your holding for 15lacs .

2. Minimum time you should maintain 1 yr.

3.All dividend will be credited in your account.

4. the fixed interest will be credited quaterly in our account.

5. they will give 30% of portfolio as limit for normal trading .

6. To discontinue that after 1 yr , we have to tell them atleast 1 month erlier.

kindly suggest me , are these trustful in that and is that good to open account in that ?




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  1. sanchay says:

    Dear ashal sir , thank you for your advice . (sorry for sucha late reply.) they will keep our portfolio on a pledge (we cant sell those share minimum for 1 year.)and for that they will give 15% p.a interest on that (quarterly basis) plus the dividend which will be declared by the company in our folio will be credited in our account . I have not open the account till yet . i firstly wanted to investigate about the firm .


    Sanchay !

    1. mayank.rohira says:

      Hi Sanchay… You asked this question one year ago… Whats your opinion now

  2. Investing with any one “promising” 1-2% more than Bank FD is a sure shot recipe for disaster.

    Control your greed for quick money – this scheme is a sure bogus one.

  3. Dear Sanchay, please use your own common sense. In share market how can you provide a guarantee of return & that too of 16% P.A. In case you feel this Kassa & it’s people do have some special techniques which are unknown to all of us, well my dear friened, put your hard earned money at stake & come here again after 1Y for not getting your principal amount forget any positive return.

    No broker can offer a guaranteed return on Eq. investment as per SEBI mandate. Moreover it’s not clear that the scheme you are referring to is a PMS or Fixed Deposit or what?

    Still you are free to apply your own greed above your brain.



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