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POSTED BY desaichinmay22 ON August 13, 2012 8:43 pm COMMENTS (2)


I have been investing in BSL Dividend Yield Plus-G. Its been a star performer among dividend yield category.But after the exit of eartwhile fund manager Ankit sancheti the fund has been under performing category bencmark for last one year.I believe dividend yield would be a good bet in the current volatile market but not sure about the ability of current fund manager.Has anyone redeemed their investment in thsi fund in recent pass?

Please provide suggestion whether to hold it or redeem.

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  1. TheZionView says:

    I have stopped the SIP which was running in it not for this reason though. Should give time to the new FM and then decide.

  2. Dear Desaichinmay, the performance is declining but still you may wait for some more time to let the new fund manager perform. Please revisit the situation in March 2013 i.e. after 6-7 months & by then the answer ‘ll be clear to us.



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