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Just wondering, anyone having calculators in the form of excel which are available at

Having them in Excel eases out things, in my opinion. Else, I might work on it and will share on this forum.

Also, it will be great if one can share an excel template which can be used to track investments like FDs, PPF, EPF, Mutual Funds etc which can be referred to keep a tab on investments.

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  1. Dear Kapil, Apart from Perfios, moneycontrol & other similar portfolio tracker do provide excel sheets of your portfolio against the data punched in by you there.



  2. Hi All,

    I use Tally Accounting Software to track all my data.
    To track investments and are best websites I ever seen.

    Thank You
    Siva Prasad

  3. Kapil Malhotra says:

    Cool. I liked Perfios. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Just wondering are there any other similar tools as well so that they can be compared and the best can be chosen which fits the concerned investor.

    1. Kapil

      Why dont you get your hands dirty and build it in excel , the formula;s are all there in the HTML version of those calculators 🙂 .. Also my book has another version which comes with a CD , that book will cost some more bucks but you get a flash file which has various kind of calculators too … that will come soon on flipkart 🙂

      Regarding the article on comparision of tools like this , there is already an article :

  4. I would rather do them in a place like for one stop asset check

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