Can E-Receipt of PPF A/C alone be considered proof for tax deduction?

POSTED BY Trishit Ray ON June 4, 2012 1:38 pm COMMENTS (14)

Hello everybody,

PPF for simple tax savings purpose is a good option specially if one is risk avert and don’t need the money in near future.I also do have a PPF account.I deposited some money through online banking and downloaded the pdf version of the e-receipt.The e-receipt has INB reference no.,my name,ppf a/c no.,amount,date,debit a/c no. and the transaction type clearly shows as PPF Deposit.It has the bank logo which is SBI in my case.

My question is if I take a print out of this e-receipt will this alone be enough proof for tax deduction?


Trishit Ray

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  1. shubham gupta says:

    hi, i have ppf account in ICICI bank. They don’t furnish passbook to account holder. Is the E-statement enough for the investment proof??

  2. Nilesh Deshmukh says:

    I have invested in my wife’s PPF account, her name on PPF account is her before marriage name, What all proofs needs to be submitted in this case, do I have to show any additional proof, like marriage certificate, along with e-recipts of her SBI PPF account.

    1. But I am not sure if you can get tax benefit by investing in her account !

  3. Saroj M says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have PPF Account in SBI Bank, I was unable to take the e-print of my PPF , where I was able to view the transactions in my Internet banking, the PPF monthly statement will be considered under Sec 80C for tax benefit, or do I need to take the scan copy of my pass book as well, Kindly suggest me on this.

    Saroj M.

    1. Monthly statements from PPF should be good enough !

  4. vivek singh says:

    Hi, I have opened my PPF account through ICICI bank but they don’t issue passbook to account holders.

    Now i have to submit my investment proof.

    I can see my account statement, will the printout of PPF account statement be accepted.

    Please suggest.

    1. Yes, the print out will be accepted !

  5. Amrita says:

    Hi, i have lost few of my ppf receipts and the passbook entry are missing…how can i get my passbook updated without the its a huge amount…kindly help.

    1. Hi Amrita

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  6. Abhishek says:

    I have a PPF account in post office where we don’t have transactions through computers so we used to get hand written passbook entries and receipts. I have lost one of my receipt for entry in my PPF account. Can the copy of passbook with all the entries be considered as an enough proof for PPF investments (under section 80C)??

    1. Yes Abhishek

      It would serve good for tax benefit proof

  7. Brundaban says:

    Dear Trishit,
    Along with e-receipt you can produce the front page of PPF Pass book(scan copy) showing your PPF A/C No. and Name.
    Also you can print the transacation history showing the transaction in ppf ac and this can be used as proof.

  8. Dear Trishit, yes the e-receipt is a valid proof to claim tax benefit at source from your employer.



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